Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just around the Corner??

The glider club had its first meeting of the season Wednesday night. Predictably, we raised the dues and complained about how expensive insurance is and speculated on the price of gas. We talked about winch launch, to relieve our poor tow pilots Larry and Kim from the their never-ending duty. (Larry did 211 tows last year with no incidents, quite a record!)

We have a bunch of prospective students, which is a problem for the tow pilot. In soaring, students fly in the morning (before the thermals start poppoing) and the more experienced pilots wait until later in the day aftert he thermals start popping. So when does the tow pilot get a life?

The problem right now is the weather. I drove home through snow, glad I hadn't flown (well, actually, the decision not to fly was pretty easy, given the forecast). I shoveled snow yesterday. We need to trailer the gliders to the airport and tie the Blanik down. I need to get current. We need to wait for the outlanding fields to dry out.

My EAA chapter is planning its first $100 hamburger run for this weekend. I think most of us will shovel the driveway and drive.

It's hard to be an optimist about the weather in the Rockies. But, really, it's just around the corner.



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