Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time for Essence

Finesse is without dimension, a timeless ratio.

Essence is a condensation of many quantities. We use essence, departing full, finding little enroute, and arriving depleted. Essence, converted, changes with time.

The glider pilot finds the day full of lift, rising air adding essence with ease. At sunset, or perhaps before, the lift ends. Playing far from home, the pilot's essence is spent deciding that it is time to return lest this essence evaporate.

The pilot's sense of time is not regular. A crisis passes in a second by the clock, in a week by the mind. What does this mean for essence?

When the crisis takes a long time, the craft seems to slow, perhaps hover. Height stays the same but speed goes to zero, and so it seems less essence is burned. Slowing time requires
energy from the pilot, so his essence is burned, not the craft's.

When events rush by, the pilot burns more and more personal essence but may never be able to think as fast as the craft is moving. The pilot's tanks may empty soon.

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