Monday, May 13, 2013

The Club

Flying clubs have long been a good way for pilots to reduce expenses and foster fellowship.  But:

  • A few weeks ago one of our members, too cheap to take the airplane into a heated hangar for deicing, attacked the wing with a scraper.  I discovered this while deicing the airplane in said hangar. "Nobody ever told me not to do that" was his weak defense.  Then "What do you recommend rather than paying $25 and waiting an hour?"  My angry reply: "Pay $25 and wait an hour, just like I am doing right now!" The damage is cosmetic but...
  • A few weeks ago one of the members closed the rear door to the Cherokee Six with his hand on the plexiglas; of course the hand went right through.  Not bothering to see if it was airworthy, he flew it home, and several other members flew it later.  When I saw the damage I grounded the airplane.  He took on the responsibility of repairing it, but he did it on the cheap and it looks like crap.  I hate it when people do this to their own airplanes, but this is my airplane!
  • Now the POH in our Archer is missing.  Lots of finger pointing but nobody taking any responsibility.  I grounded the airplane until it is found.  This is an insurance company's dream come true, right?  A legal excuse to deny any claim.
Anybody know a nice four-place single for sale?  There's a rumor of a seldom-flown Tripacer on the field that may be available...


At May 13, 2013 at 8:16 PM , Blogger John Ewing said...

I know of a nice Archer for sale at Palo Alto. The seller is a pilot I instruct, unless you were being ironic ...

It is distressing to see how so many people treat airplanes. Distressing.


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