Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Weather

It's been a wonderful Spring day, and as soon as my classes and office hours were done I made an excuse to pop out to the airport. It wasn't hard; I had to pick up my paycheck.

The wind was pushing my little car around during the drive, but still I was disappointed that nobody was flying. Nobody. A little wind never hurt anybody! (The METAR said 27016G22Kt, pretty calm for this part of the world this time of year.)

The last airplane to move had been me, last night, having fun renewing my night currency.

With no flying, I did a little visiting and headed back to town. The clouds were building in all quadrants; the METAR said CB E-S MOV LTL, i.e., there were cumulonimbus clouds east through south, moving little.

One storm was building right on the airway to Salt Lake City. I reached for my phone to listen to Salt Lake Center to see who was diverting. This is not such a dumb idea, but we don't have that capability, yet. Maybe I should suggest it to

A better idea was to snap some pictures of the storm, as well as a screen capture of the National Weather Service radar.

The storm at left is the yellow blob by the 'M' in Malad City. The storm with the red at the left was hidden by the mountains; I only saw the tops.

The idea of a new GPS with XM weather sounds better and better.

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