Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tough Day at Jackson Hole

It looks like yesterday was a tough day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (KJAC). I looked Flight Aware to see how a friend was doing; apparently he forgot about the strong west wind and flew through the localizer after the procedure turn:

He was better off than American 2253, a Boeing 757. It looks like they held at Dunoir VOR for quite a while before diverting to Salt Lake City. I've done about that many turns in that hold waiting for ILS minimums.

After cooling their heels in Salt Lake for a while, American 2253 tried again. This time, it looks like they went to Dunoir for the ILS-19 before changing their minds and opting for the VOR-DME 1 approach. (You can tell which approach because it looks like they flew the 16DME arc.)

If the weather was decent (which might have been the case even though the airport was showing 3 miles visibility in snow) the passengers got a nice tour of the Gros Ventre and Wind River ranges.

When I flew King Airs I went to KJAC a lot. I often touched down as the tower opened (0700LT). This meant that I had been in the air at 0620 or so, so I had been at my home airport at 0515, which means I left home at 0445, which meant that I had to get up at 0400.

I don't miss the 0400 wakeups...

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