Monday, November 21, 2011


The craft carries animal, vegetable, and mineral.

Animals, meat, brains, producers and consumers of essence.

Vegetables, cotton fibres and canvas sacks. Canapes, carrots, cloth coats.

Minerals, fuel, fabrics made from the source of fuel, clothes fashioned from the source of fuel.
But not the only chemicals.

Acetone, butane, carbon tetrachloride, Duraflame logs, Ethanol, Fire starters, grease, halo-gen, iodine, Jim Beam, ketone, Listerine, mescal, nitroglycerine, oxycontin, pectin, quinine, rye whisky, Saran Wrap, TNT, universal solvent, Velveeta, White Lighning, Xylitol, yerba maté, Zoloft.


Hydrochloric acid in the aircraft battery, hydraulic fluid, deice fluid.

Medicines, contact lens solution, volatiles. Cough syrup. Heroin. Belladonna. Valium.

Alcohol, to drink. Not by the crew.

Durians. Limberger cheese. Even gorgonzola.

Baby wipes, Febreeze, lip balm, moustache wax.

Very old coffee.

Fermenting grapes a passenger left behind.

Fire extinguishers, designed to suck the oxygen out of fire, might suck it out of a pilot as well.

Batteries. AA, AAA, D. Metal oxide. Lithium. Sodium. Nickel. Cadmium. Coleman fuel, white gas, stove fuel, lighter fluid, aftershave, Flares, smudge pots, drip lanterns, sterno.

The pilot spends essence watching for these things. It may not be enough, and the pilot spends sleepless nights as well.



At November 22, 2011 at 9:08 PM , Blogger Karlene Petitt said...

So often people ask... "don't you worry about the passengers?"

Never! I worry about Hazmat!

Did you know wet hair is a hazardous material too?


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